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Tim K.

A mouthguard is a covering that fits over your teeth to protect your mouth from potential injury. Most people are unaware that safe, effective mouthguards don’t come from an aisle at the pharmacy; they ought to be custom-built at a dental office that specializes in this service.

Having an athletic mouthguard made for you or your child at Powers Dental Group is simple:

1. Call 719.300.4639 to make your initial appointment at our office in Colorado Springs, CO.

2. During your appointment, the Powers Dental Group team will make an impression of your teeth so your mouthguard will fit perfectly; this gives you the best protection.

3. Schedule one more appointment to receive your new custom mouthguard. We’ll check the fit and teach you how to use and care for it properly.

Don’t risk the only teeth you have with a flimsy, disposable mouthguard when you could get the real protection you need from Powers Dental Group. We want you to be free to focus on the activities you love, not on the “what ifs.”

Call Powers Dental Group at 719.300.4639 to schedule an appointment today!

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